How do I get a ticket to MegaDojo?
Tickets will be live on 27th September for all locations- The booking options will be listed on each Megadojo locations page.

Do I need to be able to code to attend MegaDojo?
Not at all – come along and we’ll help you get started!

Do I need to bring a laptop to MegaDojo?
No, computers are provided. 

Do I need to bring a parent?
If you’re aged 12 or under, then a parent needs to be there; however they don’t need to stay with you – there are plenty of things happening at MegaDojo that they can enjoy!

Do I need to bring lunch or a drink?
Unfortunately we’re not able to provide a lunch this year; however there are catering facilities available in some locations and a space to take a break and have a snack in all locations. Check out your preferred locations page to see their lunch facilities.

Where do I register and when?

  • Registration details for each MegaDojo location will be listed on the locations page
  • Registration opens at 10 a.m.

How do I get there?
Each Megadojos location page contains a map for that location to help you get to the event.